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We provide high quality, patient focussed cardiology care. It is known that Australia has an increasing prevalence of heart disease. To date, The Heart Foundation quotes that ‘coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia’. The organisation estimates that it accounts for one in five of all deaths in Australia. Heart disease can consist of many different disorders and conditions.

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We offer Cardiology Consultations for a wide range of simple and complex conditions, some of which include:

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Echocardiographic images

We take the opportunity to review the echocardiographic images with the surgical team to assist with planning for valve surgery.

Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to go through the echocardiographic images with all our colleagues in medicine or general practice to explain the findings in a manner to achieve mutual understanding

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We look after heart conditions (cardiac complications) in patients at all stages of their Cancer treatment journey.

Cardio-Oncology is a highly specialised, fast-growing field of cardiology, proven to be beneficial to many patients at any stage of their cancer treatment journey. National and international statistics have shown an increase in both the rate of cancer new diagnosis and prevalence.

On the bright side, the rising rates of cancer incidences have been paired with advancements in therapies, which have resulted in improved rates of successful treatment and in turn improved survival rates from cancer. However, such advanced and highly efficient cancer treatment may be associated with an inherent risk of related heart complications. In many studies, cardiovascular complications showed to be the most troublesome complication either from cancer treatment or from cancer per se. These cardiac side effects can lead to interruptions in effective and potentially life-saving cancer treatment, adversely affecting the patient’s quality of life and/or their longevity, resulting in overall suboptimal outcomes. 

Cardiovascular diseases are frequently the leading cause of non-cancer-related mortality. With the advent of newer forms of treatment, like immunotherapies, or new generation of tyrosine kinase inhibitors, there have been a lot of settles in cardiac optimisation which make a huge difference in patients’ tolerance of the cancer treatment. Early detection of heart injury is also the most important part and requires a cardiologist who knows the details of potential cardiac complications of cancer treatments. For all these reasons, the field of Cardio-Oncology is rapidly evolving and there is an increasing demand for highly specialised Cardio-Oncologists such as Dr Habibian. Currently, to date there is a very limited number of formally trained Cardio-Oncologists within Australia.

specialised cardio-Oncology consultations

We offer highly specialised Cardio-Oncology Consultations to assist all patients at various stages of their cancer treatment journey:
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