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Cardio-Oncology is a highly specialised field of Cardiology which holistically cares for the heart of patients who are receiving cancer treatments. The first purpose is to monitor the heart and cardiovascular (CV) system in patients at all stages of their cancer therapy and help them to receive/complete their standard cancer treatment as much as possible with the least interruptions in their potentially life-saving cancer treatment. For more details, please see this article.

There has been an increase in the diagnosis of cancer in Australia and all around the world. This may be attributed to detection rates due to improved diagnostic methods.  On the bright side, cancer treatments have become more advanced and effective, leading to an increased number of cancer survivors. This comes at times, with the cost of complications, which may require interruptions in such effective and potentially life-saving cancer treatments. Complications of cancer treatment on the heart and cardiovascular system have been shown to be one of the major concerns due to which such effective treatment has been interrupted or even ceased.

Our role is:

  • Assist patients in risk stratification, to help identify if a patient is more likely to develop cardiac complications during treatment.
  • Consult patients considered high risk for developing cardiac complications prior to commencement of therapy and during their treatment.
  • Monitor the heart and detect early-stage cardiac complications, with the aim to reduce and minimise the chance of any complications causing short- or long-term cardiac conditions, some of which may be irreversible if not detected and optimally treated.
  • If complications occur, we are here to help treat the complications as much as possible. We work closely with our Oncology, Haematology, Surgical and General Practitioner colleagues to provide a holistic approach which allows for optimal use of targeted cardiac therapies to support the cardiovascular system of the patient while they undergo their cancer treatment.
  • Perform dedicated investigations of the heart to provide an accurate assessment of the cardiovascular system at all stages of treatment.

Cardiac complications are known to be one of the leading causes of non-cancer-related mortality. For this reason, the field of Cardio-Oncology is rapidly evolving and there is an increasing demand for highly specialised Cardio-Oncology specialists such as Dr Mohsen Habibian. 

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Cardio-Oncology Australia provides unique, highly specialised Cardiology care to patients at all stages of their Oncology treatment(s).

Dr Mohsen Habibian has been formally trained in Cardio-Oncology at the prestigious Royal Brompton Hospital in London, UK. Currently, Dr Habibian is one of only a handful of formally trained Cardio-Oncologists within Australia and is currently the only formally trained Cardio-Oncologist to date in Queensland.

Cardio-Oncology is a critical and rapidly evolving Cardiology field and due to its highly specialised nature patients who receive optimal cardio-oncology treatment and care have been shown to have a better overall outcome and prognosis. This practice provides patients within Queensland and across Australia access to this highly specialised world class care which has been shown to improve patient outcomes.

Heart Health Clinics - Brisbane
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Heart Health Clinics provides highly personalised, gold standard general Cardiology care to patients with general Cardiology conditions. General Cardiology patients can present with either simple or complexed Cardiology conditions or concerns.  

Dr Habibian’s training in two world class cardiology hospitals, The Prince Charles Hospital (Brisbane) and Royal Brompton Hospital (London) means that all patients, no matter the complexity, will receive exceptional, world class care. This leads to greater patient outcomes and improved patient satisfaction. At Heart Health Clinics our focus is the patient, not the profit.

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We take the time to understand our patient’s situation and listen to the patient’s concerns.
We work with the patient and the referring practitioner to ensure our patient’s receive the best possible outcome and our assistance does not stop once your consultation time is complete, we are committed to helping our patients and fellow practitioners navigate their way through all the complexities and challenges that may arise for all of our patients past and present.

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Our principle is patient focussed Cardiology Care. We will always aim to improve patient outcomes and experiences and we are driven to fill the gap in the market for genuine patient focused care. We provide this care for patients and practitioners because we believe that patients are more than just a number.

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Whether you are a Cardio-Oncology patient being seen at Cardio-Oncology Australia or a general Cardiology patient being cared for at the Heart Health Clinics you can expect the highest standard of care.

Dr Habibian has been trained and has worked at world class Cardio-Oncology and General Cardiology Hospitals in both London, UK and Brisbane, Australia. We are instrumental in bringing Cardio-Oncology to Queensland. Our practices are run using the highest quality Cardiology Equipment, combined with the most up to date clinical practices.

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